I will be flying out to Portugal on the 16th of April to look for an apartment in Lisbon. I had actually planned to make this move last year, but was unable to complete it due to complications at Uni and travelling elsewhere in the Summer, plus I also had a lot of catching up to do with my poker game so I had some more immediate issues to tend to.
Right now I’m making preparations regarding my move. These include figuring out where to stay initially when I’m looking for a place to stay, but also stuff like learning some basic Portuguese. I’ve also been trying to look at appartments while still in the Channel Islands, but seems that I won’t get much feedback from landlords/real estate agents that way. Most people I’ve spoken to have also confirmed this suspicion of mine that you actually need to be in Portugal to get anything done in that regard.
2+2 has been very helpful in obtaining intel on where to live, what to avoid etc. I think this thread: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/92/travel/ask-me-about-portugal-1025113/ is a good place to start for anybody interested in finding out more about Portugal from a poker player’s perspective. I’ve also been told googling “expat forums Portugal” can get you some good forum resources.

Initially I was looking to stay in Oeiras, which is in the south of Lisbon and by the beach. Here is a map of Lisbon and it’s districts:

The reason I chose this area is because I read on Wikipedia that this is where Portugal’s main tech hub is. I am very interested in technology and startup business, as I follow this in my spare time, so it was a natural chocie for me, especially since it is also near the beach.
I am however not so sure anymore as some people chimed in over on 2+2 that they do not find Oeiras ideal to live due to it’s locatin and would recommend something more central in Lisbon such as Bica or Chiado (which I belive are areas in the Lisbon district of Lisbon that are very centrally located).
I guess at the end of the day I really just have to get to the areas I’ve been looking at and walk around/sit in some cafes and see how I feel about them.
Poker has been very interesting/exciting lately. I’m still really enjoying PLO and learning about the game, but also now, more than ever, learning about poker. I guess now that I have more sophistication in my way of looking at and thinking about the game, the more interesting it is getting and the more what I learn becomes applicable to other fields outside of poker which is a nice side effect. I definetly think that the way I switched from NLHE to PLO was crazy from a financial standpoint, but definetly very +ev from a happiness standpoint. I simply wasn’t enjoying poker at the time and as I’m sure many will agree, buying happiness isn’t easy, especially not with the sums I was dealing with.
This will be all for now, still have a lot of preparing to do. I’m really a little worried about the language though I’m sure I will be able to communicate with a lot of people in central Lisbon in English should it be necessary. I’ve been studying Michel Thomas audio CDs (Total Portuguese), which I think is a great way of learning how to communicate verbally in a very short period of time, but it would also be nice to have some written language skills, which I know may not be able to be acquired so quickly, though I guess it may not be as much of an issue, because usually when writing emails and similar you have a lot of resources at your desposal and more time.
Bonus: Just saw this movie recently: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772925/?ref_=sr_1 definetly recommend to anybody who is a fan of sushi.

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